Client Check List

Individual Check List

Personal Information:

1. Name (First, Middle, Last)
2. Social Security Number
3. Date of Birth
4. Address, Phone Number, and E-Mail
5. Filing Status (Single, Married (Filing Joint, Filing Separate), Head of Household, Widow)
6. Dependents (if any)
7. Bank Account Information (It's always good to bring a cancelled check to the appointment)
8. Copy of Driver's License

Income:(You should bring all the documents that may apply to your case)

1. W-2
2. 1099-INT (Interests Received)
3. 1099-G (Certain Government Payments)
3. 1099-MISC (Self-Employment Income, etc.) 
4. 1099-R
5. 1099-DIV (Dividends Received)
6. 1099-OID
7. 1098-T (Tuition)
8. 1098-E (Student Loan Interest)
9. Any other document showing you earned income for the year


1. Notify your tax specialist if you bought a new car in the tax year.
2. Notify your tax specialist if you were self employed and had expenses.
3. Job Hunting Expenses
4. Unreimbursed Employee Expense
5. Gas, Oil, Insurance, and Mileage expense on the car used for business
6. Any other expenses you have incured during the tax year


Small Business Check List


1. Gross receipts of sales/services

2. Sales records ( accrual based taxpayers only)

3. Inventory (if any)

    a. Beginning

    b. Purchases

    c. Ending

4. Returns & allowances

5. 1099-Int. or statement

6. Other income


1. Advertising

2. Transportation & travel expenses

    a. Transportation

        i. Mileage log

        ii. Receipts for public transportation, parking, and tolls

    b. Travel

        i. Tickets

        ii. Mileage

        iii.Hotels, meals, and entertainment

        iv. Internet Connection, such as hotel internet or internet cafe

        v. Other

3. 1099-Misc and 1096 as necessary

4. Depreciation

    a. Cost of assets

    b. Date put in service

    c.Sales price and dates sold

5. Fringe benefits

    a.Employer-paid pension/contribution

    b.Employer-paid HAS contribution and health insurance

    c.Other fringe benefit costs

6. Business insurance

7. Interest expense (mortgage & loan)

8. Office-in-home

    a.Size or hours of use for daycares

    b.Total size of home

    c.Mortgage interest or rent

    d. Utilities

9. Wages to employees if any

    a.W-2 or W-3

    b. Money paid out to contractors

    c.Fed. & State payroll returns

10. Other expenses

    a. Repairs

    b.Maintenance of office space

    c.Office supplies