We understand that due to the recent economic down turn a lot of our clients have encountered financial difficulties, therefore for the 2013 tax seasons we have created a new more affordable price list to help ease the financial burden. Please contact us to learn more about our highly competitive rates.

"Licensed, Bonded, and IRS Authorized"

Affordable Payment Option: This option is available to clients who will be getting a refund and cannot afford to pay for our services upfront. Upon approval, we will prepare the client's tax returns and submit them to the IRS, and when the refund is received we will deduct our fees and deposit the rest of the funds into the individual's bank account. Please note that this is NOT a Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL), therefore no credit check is required to qualify for the plan.

- Please contact us If you would like to get the full price list of our other services.

1. 1040-EZ Discount*: If you qualify to file your taxes using the IRS form 1040-EZ, we will prepare your return for a low price of $40.00 until April 15, 2014. Note that this discounted rate includes e-filing. The qualification requirements for the form 1040-EZ include:

1. Your filing status is single or married filing jointly.

2. You have no dependents or other exemptions aside from you and your spouse.

3. Your taxable income is below $50,000 and your taxable interest income is $400 or less.

4. You do not itemize your deductions.

5. There are no adjustments to your income (such as an IRA deduction or alimony).

6. You have no taxes other than the tax from the IRS tax tables AND

7. You have no tax credits or only the earned income tax credit.

2. FREE Federal Discount*: If you live in a state with no income tax, your Simple Federal Return (1040EZ) will be prepared completely FREE OF CHARGE. These states include: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. 

3. Schedule A Discount: If you have to itemize your deductions this year and don't have any other forms included in your tax return other than Schedule A, we will charge you a low fee of $170 plus free e-filing. Please contact us to find out if you only have schedule A in your tax return.

4. Student Discount*: 10% off regular prices.

5. Referral Discount*: Your individual taxes will be prepared FREE** up to $150 if you refer us to 3 people that need our services

6. Bookkeeping Discount: Let us save you time and energy, and give you a piece of mind by offering our bookkeeping services to you. 

*Offers apply to first time clients.
**Restrictions may apply. Call for details.